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MacFearless 06/03/2014

Vox AC100CPH : MacFearless's user review

«  Very pleasantly surprised »

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Direct descendant of VOX AC100, VOX amp full AC100CPH is the most powerful lamps produced by VOX.
At the time, the legendary bands of the mid-1960s used it to turn. But it was all very unstable and the story even said that The Who started breaking their guitars amps because of this instability.
This amp was produced in a limited way, between 2007 and 2009 was not a great commercial success. This was mainly due to the fact that its starting price was considered too high.
The price began to decline once the first copies on the second hand market.

100 Watt lamps.
Two channels:
- Channel 1 = Clear with Volume, Reverb, Tone Cut, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain
- Channel 2 = Volume, Reverb, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble and a "clear" switch and the other "fat".
The head also has a general master for both channels. A switch on the back allows you to switch from 8 to 16 ohm.


Very simple and basic configuration. Access to much easier knobs on the AC30 because they are presented from the front.
The sound has a lot of sins. Personally I was looking for a clear sound slap, but in a register other than the classic AC30 and I was amazed. A potato, originality and a very special grain.


I mainly play on the first channel, clear sound with pedals.
I love this amp for the originality of the sound it produces, the more I've never seen another and on stage, mounted on a VOX AD412, it has the mouth and it sends.
The record is particularly good in low and midrange, what I wanted.
I play with a Höfner VTC and a Fender Tele custom.


Found used it a month ago, I let him go.
A little heavy (about twenty pounds), but he went on tour, I do not want others.
I also play on Marshall JCM 2000 and VOX AC30, but since this purchase, they are away.
If you have the chance to see an opportunity, try it, I guarantee you a pleasant surprise.