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Le Taz 09/04/2007

Vox AC100CPH : Le Taz's user review


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All lamps (EL34) is also available in 100 w. 2 channels. Well go take a look at the site, too lazy ... lol

Great idea on paper: a channel "classic" type vox from clean to crunch, and a more modern hi gain channel. I know there were some with this concept, but generally, the clean sucks. Ben there, it's the opposite.


Extremely simple, except for a child who lived in the forest raised by wolves until now, no lizard. Lack a boost on the clean channel, and eventually sat on the channel. It would eventually get used to the 4 channel amp!
The "cut" used to "contour" treble, a kind of presence reversed "smoothifier" sound.

+ Bright switch on channel 2 and fat ...
- ... Controlled by the foot.


Well ... it gets complicated. Channel 1: [rectified after the second trial] For an EL34 amp, a good clear sound, largely inspired by the legendary AC30. You can play on the gain to do cruncher. But then: this is not the AC30, but a copy. I'm not looking necessarily the characteristics of 30, and if it is worse and more ... The sound is quite colorful, as a result, station to use a distortion pedal or overdrive. It is certainly warm, but we really do not play in the same court. Pushed crunch, we get the AC30's drooling, but its dynamics.

Channel 2: big rout ... Not quite frankly, the saturation rate is not great, it's not necessarily a concern, but where it really fishing is that the grain is absolutely awful. If you liked the Marshall Vintage Modern, it may please you, but for a majority, yuck. Now it's a 100w head, and you know the stores ... I wanted to push it a little to see. I try again, however (I tested in the wake JVM, orange, Mesa Stiletto, in short I made quickly) In any case the grain is pretty bad, even with the fat switch. It looks like the peavey first transistor.

The peavey classic in similar functions, provide a much better performance.


Good, very disappointed the Taz. I put a lot of hope in this bug, since it is exactly this kind of config 'in the old (2 channels, and basta!). The hi gain channel just seemed really exploitable.

If the sound was more clear "sculptable", one would have considered him an added overdrive, a mutli-purpose, a preamp ... If you are interested in an amp with a nice clear sound, then you should choose the AC30 (attention, capricious with pedals). In gender, Peavey classic 30 and 50 are much more interesting: the channel has sat a beautiful grain, but if it does not become you, these bugs are a clear channel that showcases all the overdrive pedal or distos. Test including the classic Delta Blues 15 ': probably the best.

No purchase, no regrets.