Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3
Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3

Valvulator GP3, Tube Guitar Preamp from Fryette Amplification.

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6cordes 01/01/2007

Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3 : 6cordes's user review


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All Tube preamp, with a max output of 1 W which can work with a single 1x12 without turning on the power amps in the rack, rec-out provisions of origin, which is not negligible level connections, more than it should, everything is manageable switch or via MIDI (all shifts and cranberry).
the infinite possibilities of settings and what me and more over the following: unlike other amps like the mesa, (I do not even talk about marshall) and many others, when we turn a touch a knob, you immediately see the change (and sela 0A bottom) unlike other brands where there is a range modiffication etc., that's nickel and I really appreciate.


The manual even if it is in English is easy to understand, the preamp is really easy to use, I can not even find the words to say how much it is!


Please note that kills, to locate VHT, I borrow a phrase from Gilles de audiotubetech: attention, these amps are reserved for those who have ears!! we just do everything! switch with high / low gain, it just go from clean to crunch a little often used with strata of super saturated sound, it's been a year since I full range VHT and every time I turn on my rack I have the same pleasure to listen to her and I would say that no other would suit me because I have tried almost everything! If you are looking for a clean with a fine grain, burr-free, three letters grizouillis ....., why: VHT


After a year of use, I would say that to me, Mr Steve Fryette VHT founder makes the best amps in the world and handmade please !!!!. Trying is all the talk, my attention, prepare the bank account because after the test, you can not wait for the money and you make your enemy banker! :-) And one last tip, if you buy the VHT, do not buy multi effects and other devices in low-end! that distort the sound if you do not believe me, try and see also my attachments, you will understand! ;-)