Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3
Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3

Valvulator GP3, Tube Guitar Preamp from Fryette Amplification.

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aliascross 08/24/2006

Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3 : aliascross's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
Preamp lamps.
A bunch of connectors!
Surment one of the best preamp!
2U good ... ... but we can not have everything! : 0)


Of rglages, right, left ... of deep switch, two possible gains, nickel what!


I compared it with my usual pramp (CAA 3 + SE). The two branches of a patchmate to switch to the GP3 3 +, then to a speaker and a stro VHT2/90/2 our teams in V30 and G12H100.
Canal GP3 clear: no more correct. With the EQ was a little better.
Rhythm and lead channel of GP3: L too, with the EQ you get to the guts out of the GP3.
However, I remain a bit on my end ... I thought I had more gain than the 3 + ... and finally, it's equivalent ... but good enough! : 0)

Then, point of view "grain" is clear ... my preferences for the 3 + SE, regardless of the channel. The GP3 sounds good, but I think he sings worse than the 3 + SE.


I have not used normment pramp of lamps: pramp studio, jmp-1, and 3 + Triaxis SE.
If I should do a ranking, the trio head would be:
1 -> 3 + SE (all channels)
2 -> GP3 (for saturation) / TriAxis (for clean sounds)
3 -> jmp-1

Nevertheless, the GP3 is nice! it is well quip and a report qualitprix correct. 8 So when even for the good pramp!