Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3
Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3

Valvulator GP3, Tube Guitar Preamp from Fryette Amplification.

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jimmy6170 11/03/2005

Fryette Amplification Valvulator GP3 : jimmy6170's user review


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Already described in previous opinions
Tube preamp, handmade United States


Pretty Easy to use and the manual in English is very clear for some people to understand a little English.
The only thing is that the three channels, low-medium volumes treble are not programmable. Like the great equalizer settings 6 bands.
So out of 126 programmable patches are programmed channel, brite, the fat, the boost, with or without equalization, and fx (effects loop) all in or not.
The ideal would be for any preset schedule, it is not the case. So I was a little disappointed to have to limit myself. That said when you hear the potential of the beast we quickly forget the drawbacks.
Oh yes, very true: you touch a control and the sound is completely changed. Not recommended for Parkinsonniens so, but against the meticulous will get a kick!


I nejoue not METAL, I mainly blues, Rock, Hard Rock, and no problem sticking to the sounds to the sound of the group.
I use several layers, some mounted with a Hotrail (Seymour Duncan) in bridge, 2 Gibson Les Paul Standard and a Flying V. a
My multi-effects is a G-Force TC electronics, and (no offense to some amplifiers Marshall EL34 100/100. I promise to try one day a VHT amp and complement the current notice. Marshall Vintage Speakers 1960A/BV 4x 12 ".

Particularly impressive, fishing and clarity of sound!
As for sound on the crunch channel rhythm with a rise Start Texas Special, we are very very close to the SRV. Much better than the Marshall JMP1 I used previously.
The strength of this preamp is effectively the versatility, there are ways to obtain a wide range of sounds very promising, and it sounds from clean to hypersaturés.
The clean sounds are also impeccable, with very sharp if you want a Start and very soft with a Les Paul. Clearly highlights the preamp guitar that plays it.
Sounds good on the lead channel saturated with Eq.en V actually tear the wallpaper, but it's not necessarily what I want.
Cons can easily be found by sound good "pêchus" and with some heat at the same time.
Note for all options: the sound is very clean even in heavy saturation.
Important to note: the dynamics of sound is impressive, fishing is almost monstrous.
A cold I would say that the sound is a bit "hard", but when the lights were very hot, it's just hot!


I use it for two months and the opinion of all those who hear the sound is great.
Highlights of the machine: it sounds like an amp head and not as a rack, and more versatility.
Before buying it I played Marshall, 30th anniversary, JMP1, JCM900, the heads of the 70's, Music Man RD, Vox AC30.
It is clear that it looks really great, but I am waiting to hear the first recordings because I found the sound of my system very well with the JMP1 and I was a little disappointed with the sound recorded in Live ( it sounds a bit less natural That a true Marshall and his head seems to be somewhat compressed. That said I disagree with the opinion that excessive Affiris marshall that it's crap etc. ..
It depends on what you want to do!
Value for money: it's expensive (especially still need the rest of the stuff that follows!), But it's good, so it is a choice.