Mesa Boogie Formula Pre
Mesa Boogie Formula Pre

Formula Pre, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie.

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francki09 12/16/2013

Mesa Boogie Formula Pre : francki09's user review

«  a perfect condition for use with what to »

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Péampli 4X 12AX7 tubes 3 Channel Rhythm, Lead 1, Lead 2, and an assignable footswitch with eq on each channel giving its 5 different altogether. Separate EQ for a rtyhm and lead 1 with bass, mid, treble. The general eq can be permanently assigned either on the lead 1 or lead 2 which is a 4bandes.


A simple config like any preamp that I could get the manual is in English but no need to use except perhaps if you want to use the output reccord but who after what I've read n ' is not terrible and I is not something that I myself useful. The sound is soon to asse appointment request anyway but it some time if you want to have more homogeneous sound the same level, but it would not be fun if we had on what we want lol


Personally I play mostly rock and the variety so I would say yes it is my style, I do not think it is appropriate to those who play the kind of hard metallica at least with the config I have, it faudrai for ca a power amp that spits well and can be that but it I know not tell you ..... I personally played on a Les Paul custom shop 2004 home with an Epiphone amp mesa 20/20 rack out on a 2X12 roadking home mesa and this is where I was going. I can understand most find it very clear sound but not elsewhere except utlise with this 20/20 is perfectly suited! 2 together gives a powerful sound coherent! I did not buy this stuff to be able to remove the clothes of my women just a chord ..... just have a big net clean, powerful sound without any ca peter ears and putting all the knob of my power amp thoroughly for ca breathes well as it should. In short I hate any sound I wanted to have 3 sounds clear, a crunch, and a rhythm with a good heavy distortion and no more and I have what I want, if you want more than that then do not buy the formula on the other hand if like me solo is not your thing if you want to quiet your party while having a beautiful sound then I say a big YES! you know the kind of guitar that part not noticeable but when you take them out ..... ca causes "oh shit he's missing a trick!?"


I've had this morning I had as a pream engl which was also perfect but without foot switch and not the mesa I'm glad I have all mesa! lol what I prefer is the footswitch! I not kidding this is a recess but I like its simple, effective and aggressive look that fits particularly well with the rest of my gear. I paid € 470 in new condition with 4 lamps and footsitch mesa neuvent then issue value for money I was not complaining, I Thank passage Jean claude was that I bought that held the delays sending and getting me the invoice and even a jack. So yes if I do it again this choice without hesitation but I stress again, not with any power amp! for liking it must couple a not very powerful amp does not need 15 sounds and you will be satisfied.