Mesa Boogie Formula Pre
Mesa Boogie Formula Pre

Formula Pre, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie.

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fanzic 02/14/2004

Mesa Boogie Formula Pre : fanzic's user review


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Prampli with 5 lamps, a format of rack unit 19 'with footswitch.
The Stros are tudies connectors for use in recording, or both scne both ...
The rglages are simple:
Gain (pull / push on channel 1), treble, mid, bass, master with legalization common to channels 2 and 3 and a master volume gnral.
The 5-band graphic qualiser is switchable on the three channels


The configuration allows for the correct sounds DIFFERENT musical styles, a switch high / low impdance prampli adapts to the types of microphones (single / double coils, active / passive) on your guitar.

To say that the sounds are "good" is not enough because according to the choice of lamps (the type and brand) and it changes rglages compltement agressivit or the roundness of the sound obtained.

Taking the time to learn the craft, you get great sounds, a claret and a diabolical precision plain, from the lightweight to the crunch and drooling to saturated bleeding bleeding trs see, it's not complicated!

(Notice tlchargeable in English on the website Mesa / Boogie)


Used with a stratocaster, noiseless pickups and a Gibson SG, a Mesa 20/20 amp and a 4 x12 'Engl was a real treat! (Except for my back ...).
Start with:
The clean sounds are bright and expressive, the soft crunch as sales or lgrement rglages, the saturations are plutt sharp and incisive but prsence trs is convincing and makes me almost forget that there is no humbuckers on this guitar ...
With the SG:
The clean sounds are soft, round, smooth and jazzy plutt acute pass but in the crunch attack mdiator and rglage can flirt between light-saturated and saturated the slaughter start over and do s'arrte (the horns of Angus grow unattended on the head!)


I use this hardware since prs a year, most is to have a palette of sounds like "professional"
sounds real purists will love lamp!

The use is certainly versatile for use in jazz, reggae and pop, but I think more broadly appropriate styles of blues, hard rock ...

The hardware is sturdy but a system that rack cabinet + transporting heavy and impractical for a simple little beef ...
This is part of the price paid for the quality was not given because even if the dollar falls ...