Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
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ben_musique 02/19/2008

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp : ben_musique's user review


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I'll just talk about the recording output, which I think is the main strength of this preamp.

By connecting any transistor amplifier (sound system, hi-fi, etc ...)
I get the same sound that my combo mesa, so no need to light amplification with a bored (I sold the combo):

1) a very low volume sounds trs, not like an amp so light
2) you can connect the sound system in concert live
3) recording without microphone

I've never seen another Systm that does not sound synthetic tube without amplification.


Lots of buttons looks like me 14 years


It is an old Mesa Boogie, not at all a correction. For me it's not a prampli "high gain" and even a guitar will be a hard bourricaut him out of distos standards. Trs should say good for playing the heavy old metallica / megadeth no more.


I use it for 2 years.
Another default: it is not reliable trs (see forum) and difficult rpar (a specialist in lectronicien tube amps tried to explain why a story ... 'octocouple ... I understood nothing). Once a channel is stuck another it does not turn ... I must say that lugs around a lot! By contrast against an amp, almost no wear of the lamps. On mine I still have the old Telefunken with more than 20 years and still sounds as well.

I am sr other preamp are better than my quad, but it suits me so what good dpenser more money? Small deficits default I did not enlvent its wide range of his output and his magical recording!