Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp

Quad Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Mesa Boogie.

zorglub28 10/20/2004

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp : zorglub28's user review


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Go j'me launches. CHARACTERISTICS for I have not much to add from a Previous Notice, except that it is a prampli 3 units, so a prvoir FLy consquent.


Oula, the gate has to. J'tais used to a simple config with my ultra 112, Bass middle and treble gain vroom c'tait party. But then, with all the push-pull, 5-band EQ, 4 channels, we get it soon anything (well I'm talking to myself). If j'tais rest on my first try in the store, never bought j'l'aurais bah! Even when I put 6 months (roughly) to get a sound I like. I'm either polio or I'm difficult.

It's best to get the instructions on the site of mesa, and presets from the base to get good sound. APRS is refined ...


I put a notice now that the sound I like, but if I put a notice when I bought the note would not have t trs good.

So the sound of Clear Channel rythm1 trs is good, it can be done by increasing the cruncher SETTING THE volume. Depending on the rglages Rythm1, you can get a good crunch blues distortion or a large (but not the clearer rythm1) on channel Lead1.

Channel 2 is not for clean sounds, I did not get a Russian, even turning down the volume button (not the master attention).

With time, I get a good Russian with a big distortion *** could gain on channel Lead2 and clear sound super clear channel Rythm1.

The channel serves me Lead1 for me to type trips blues, and the channel Rythm2 actually the same as his lead2 but gain less.

In short, and it sounds pretty good!!


I have been using The beginning of the year (a little too prs I know), and y'est I love it!
This is a super versatile preamp, and cleans trs clean and a nice little gain that can be used for the metal.

I pay 885 with a mesa 50/50 and has a fly 6u the era, so I think I could make a business *** (I wanted to change, and I believe that I 'well I do).

To all those who intend to buy one, try the long, but long before then to make you a bad opinion!