Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
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Drsynoc 04/26/2005

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp : Drsynoc's user review


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Lol! Since the beginning dreamtheater be known, did a lot of google searches with the word-cl "+ dreamtheater mesaboogie" and shoo those are terrified of the race stuff that dbarquent here and ask questions. .. that's what drives me to publish a notice of our answer rather than individually, and I'll try to stay comprhensible:

The Quad is a 2 channel prampli lamps for 4 modes (2 "rhythm" and two "lead"). And not just any lights lamps because they are "new" but "old" is to say long ago by factories telefunken but never used.

Bte t makes with the hand you have the stuff neat and HEAVY! (Like all amps and prampli lamps, it weighs the weight of a death does ...).

It connects top jack sr good, and pdalier mesa / boogie that goes with the "FU-2", possde its own cable with its own entrance. Good to know, the "on-off" are controlled by jack and outputs are prvues the rear of the vehicle if you are not blessed with the FU-2. And of course the bazaar can also fly through the afternoon.


This prampli can be plugged into a guitar amp or a PA system (mixer line out). (I'm simplifying, eh, sorry purists).

It has its own rverbe (which passes through the lamp), a graphic qualiseur per channel, a send and return two of the rear end, and a pdalier which has 6 buttons on / off.

0 button: (no lighter: no sound out! - Laugh out loud but true)
Button 1: 1 rhythm channel
Button 2: lead channel 1
Button 3: Rhythm Channel 2
Button 4: lead channel 2
Button 5: 1 qualiseur activation of the active channel
Button 6: qualiseur 2 activation on the active channel

The qualiseurs can be turned on / simultanment shots every two or separately.

As DJ said, the quad could be called the Boeing or Airbus ...

It does not look like a, with its row of buttons aligned, .... but you have to turn the channel 7 buttons (14 buttons) and some of euxpeuvent also be "dbrays" (like "turbo ")...

If we add the qualiseurs ...

Good news: the volume pots and rverb you embtez not put any background. The rglages are primarily the gain. (But hey you free ...).

I would like to thank the previous ones "testers" who left a notice here and thanks to my super interesting sites Discoveries (pierremortez and zorglub28) and especially the record!

Anyway, it's easy to use "wholesale", and if you want to sculpt your sound, you have the perfect machine: it is sensitive, rustic lamps and thanks I would almost say "living "!


Well I'm not the m'tendre on CHARACTERISTICS sounds.
The quad is versatile, and you can type in the mtal, progressive, rock, blues, ....
It's all lights, so not have to look 24:14 am, the palette is huge!

For my part, I tried a lot of guitars on it (high medium and low end), everything sounds beautifully.


I've had two years in the studio, and he does on branch circuits, lamps, and it is live in the mixer.

Concrtement, the Quad can: plug the guitar and have it output in Stereo, a saturated or a clean, beautiful, level line. (Wink personal who will recognize).

And when I say beautiful, given the maniac that I am ....

What I like most: when the lights are hot, and I have this feeling of omnipotence mdiator barely moving! or when the low round tite snatch a tear in drummer ;-)
What I like least: 8 lamps have the change? I was not arrivbr /> qualitprix Report: absolutely excellent.
Exprience with, is what I would do this choice?
Ben ptain if I had known I would have bought more tt much less junk before and I could play as a dj bte!!