Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
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DrGang 06/13/2005

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp : DrGang's user review


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2 pramplis lamps (8 12AX7/ECC83 in all) in a same case. At the rear, 2 outputs indpendant volume, an effects loop, direct output, 6 jacks pdalier 6.35 for MIDI, a specially made for pdalier that goes with it (FU -2) and one between instrument.
There is a reverb common to two sub-pramps. 7 buttons including a master clear, and its saturated qualisation a 5-band graphic sub-pramp.
The pdalier that goes with it can zap between channels of the bte 4, namely a clear, bright 2, saturated and a saturated 2. It also activate the qualisation for each channel separately. Two switches on the unit allow to apply the qualisation that one of the two channels of each sub-pramp.
Is that clear?
At the versatile possibilities of rglages, you have an account, well.
The quality is likely to go since it is handmade in the United States. Mine is 20 years old, I got it secondhand and it works without fuss.


L is complicated. The rglages are far from being intuitive. In fact, the buttons like "treble" or "bass" are not exactly the desired effect, has changed over the grain of his that are frquences booster. For a, you really count on qualisation, it is not the nothing. The possibilities are many trs in terms of sound, you can do many things but with be clearly read the instructions and patches on offer from it.
I understand everything is someone who tries to find the store and sucks. The first master all right on the two channels is in fact a pre-gain. The gain is the lead channel gain saturated. For the distortion, the two have to push up, 2. What has to be known.
I put 5 because despite the quality of the sound, it is difficult to master the craft.


Personally, I'd say all the sounds that are not saturated trs trs are good, really good trs. I am unable to play again carrment through my multi-effects digitech RP6. If one tries to saturate the bazaar background can be a bit of, I think a lack of a rhythm scrounch mtal if you know what I mean. However, for the solos, I feel that there is a small compression using the notes and dtachent well. It is always a background of the original sound of the guitar even with the gain to the cleat, which makes it a Quad INTERESTED and changes greatly from other distos I've heard.
I will see a boost overdrive to see if we can play with Fear Factory.
Specially mentioned for his clear, that is really clear trs. The rverb is just as pretty as rglage but the max is not enough. A 10 rverb, I expect to float to the bottom of the Ocan me!
I put 9 because you can not do everything but if you are not looking forcment the distortion of Dimebag, then this is pramp 10.


I pay 500 for the Quad. The seller assured me that the lamps (brand Mesa Boogie) taient rcentes. Go figure ...
I've had one month, I rgulirement discovering stuff and I'm happy. The thing is, it is connected to a Crate combo of quality average, TFW not what it takes to get the most. Before long, I produced a 2 * 12 with a power amplifier hifi trs of good quality and I will have the heart net.
Now that I have a pramp lamp, plug in my chain j'hsite effect any pedals, for fear of losing the purity of sound, it has the worst TFW: has become an arms race that ds has good hardware, the rest must follow.
One last thing: the Quad is an ugly consumes any typical 80. It's a bit like seeing the dashboard of the Enterprise in Star Trek, first generation.
Looking back, I tell myself that taking a MP1 carrment mtal done for a beautiful collection of pedals for the same price, it's not stupid either, but the Quad has its own quality and worse a slap to say that is fitted Mesa Boogie!