Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp
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djux405 11/05/2007

Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp : djux405's user review


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Pramp all lamps
very powerful
connectors are everywhere including the footswitch
1 Din 7-pin socket for the main switch
jack and switch for all channels and quasi rverbe sparmment
EX: you can pair a clear and saturated at the same time.
the rglages: push / pull on volume, the treble, bass, mdum, master gain
This should widen the head.

rverbe a planner has to make a monkey wrench!


The config is not simple due to the push / pull knobs on
time to devote to his Search.
(No manual bought OCCAZ)


I play hardcore thrash metal!
I use it with a powerful power amp Marshall EL 34 100/100 intelflex a Rocktron hush for the (well known in rocktron mr) and a DiMarzio IBZ 2550 + up a ltd ex 400 black EMG 81 mounts.
Ibanez with no sound I can not do everything (amp and scratches) is very polivalent.mais my style is the main mtal and so good, I want a sound like, gain larsn standard without the bass is very clean, I commend mdium amazing full-on as my old stuff they taient outlawed, the very flexible agus even without the hush of the Rocktron. is a raproche of msa (no kidding)
I use clean sounds are not really of great quality, or very fat as clinquents asked


I've had two months and my life has changed!
it is no longer sold so we have the gifts that OCCAZ resonable price.
it is not easy to tame but I do it again this choice without hsiter.