Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp
Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp

Rock Master Tube Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Peavey.

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Gurator 07/04/2007

Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp : Gurator's user review


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What type of amplification

A lamp of course, four to be exact.
In a clean
In a Crunch
An Ultra
And one for effects loop
What connections

2 Came a High Gain and Low Gain (I use only High personal since I play metal. I'll make an update with more details on the Low Gain)
Output 2 1 / 4 one has a 0dB and 10 (which was 10 when I did not have my power amp it Grisha. A review in the update)
Balancer has an XLR-10db
5 loop effects. For a Clean, Crunch Ultra, Crunch / Ultra and all these reponce: P
What are the settings, the effects
Very precise adjustment. Especially for the pot Edge saturated it is very very sensitive. a bit too and it's a bit too Criar and not enough is too dull. But after long seconds, there is a very good sound ..... loll


Setup is simple-it

Ultra simple, we can easily have a good sound. I put about a 10 minutes at the start to find the base and then during a practice he and some editing done.

Do you get a good sound easily

Already answered just up

The manual is clear and sufficient

Yes, it gives a few mm settings but I prefer mine, and the rest of the gear (power, speaker, guitar, and especially guiteux) bcp change the sound.


Right for your style of music

Well, I play metal style Children Of Bodom, my config is the first shoot Crunch with a 8 and a post 10, the EQ is a 0 Bottom Mid shoot a 15 (yes jaime the mids. . .. lol but with my Bill Lawrence L-500XL sound is precise cutting with a knife. I'll add a bit of pe bottom) and the Hedge between 0 and 3

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play

Guitar is a Jackson Kelly with a Bill Lawrence L-500XL bridge and neck nothing
Plug into a VHT 2/50/2 power amp and EL34 mount a Marshall 1960 Lead Bafle

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....)
I explain one of my setting, but I also have a suc has the Dimebag Darrell (with a can of mid)
The config is on channel Ultra Deep and gain benefit.
The EQ bottom between 6 and 9, about a mid push and -3 (mm push on for up to -6 to be faithful to Darrell) and the Hedge between 3 and 6 (can not go higher PCQ vrm as I have said the sharp .... vrm acute)

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate

I find the Clean asser disastrous, with a gain pickups jig is the cat, but I'm not a user clean so its not mind vrm
I would compare it to the PCQ and see if I Tubefex to couple the two (the distortion of the rock with the effect of clean and TubeFex)
I put 10 clean since I do not feel so pe vrm found a good config
Jadore the sound saturation.


How long have you use it?
About 6 months, but with the power and cabs 2 weeks

What is so special that you love the most, the least

Clean the monk and that its Hedge setter bcp too high
Most everything else

- Have you tried many other models before buying

Yes, but when you want to gain peavey, peavey only can you make it ....

How would you rate the quality / price

For $ 330 (Canadian) shipping included is wonderful.

With experience, you do again this choice?

I want to see the TubeFex of Satu, if the mm is more unpreamp conplet his side, but Jachet mm if I keep the Tubefex RockMaster, VRM is all I wanted.
PS.Je will not change the lights in a long time, I want a meter and a ground-Tung GT ('ll assume the Chinese lamp rings mieu RockMaster the dns.) Electro Harmonix and probably the Clean (which is currently on the ultra)
I gives news.
Issue for comment, setting or advice do not hesitate