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Tube Guitar Preamps user reviews

  • Bogner The Fish

    Bogner The Fish - "90's hard rock"


    These units were first introduced in the early 90's and artists such as Alice in Chains and Megadeth. Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains has used this preamp since the first album. Many other artists have come over to the Fish and many more came bac…

  • A/DA MP-1

    A/DA MP-1 - "80's rock preamp"


    What can I say about this preamp that hasn't been said already throughout various rock records during the 80's and early 90's? One of the most famous bands to use this was Skid Row. They used it pretty much through out their first two albums. Basical…

  • Amt Electronics SS-11 Guitar Preamp

    Amt Electronics SS-11 Guitar Preamp - "Amazing!!"


    Not to often do I get this excited about a piece of gear. This unit is one of the best things that is out on the market today. It is a preamp that is basically three channels of tube goodness. This is the best offering that AMT has ever done. I love …

  • Amt Electronics SS-20 Guitar Preamp

    Amt Electronics SS-20 Guitar Preamp - "fantastic"


    This is a great little unit that will get you a solid rock guitar amp tone in a pint size box. Not to mention how portable this thing it is fantastic. It is very smooth and rich in its tone that makes notes just jump off your guitar neck. The Featur…

  • Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp

    Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp - "Heavy sounding preamp"


    The Rockmaster is an interesting preamp that Peavey introduced. It features three channels with some ridiculous amounts of gain. If I recall correctly, the preamp is actually somewhat similar to the XXX and JSX. One big issue is that it did not ha…

  • A/DA MP-1

    A/DA MP-1 - "Famous 80s tones in 1U"


    The ADA MP1 was one of the first heavily versatile preamps to ever be released. It was featured on many albums and used by a wide range of famous guitarists such as Paul Gilbert and Nuno Bettencourt. Housed in a 1U chassis, the preamp has quite a f…

  • Bad Cat 2-Tone

    Bad Cat 2-Tone - moosers's review


    The Bad Cat 2 Tone is a high quality guitar preamplifier pedal. This is almost just like the Matchless Hot Box, which makes sense as I’ve been told that it’s the same mad scientist behind both of these boutique amplifier companies. The pedal has an…

  • A/DA MP-1

    A/DA MP-1 - "Uh..."


    I have it on loan. It must be at least 20 years old, 2 tubes (I don't know how you can fit a third one in there, there's no room left!), midi and all that... I tested it out of curiosity, it's the witness of an entire era! There's a loop that you c…

  • Matchless Hot Box

    Matchless Hot Box - moosers's review


    The Matchless Hot Box is a 'classic' tube overdrive preamp pedal that I've used with an electric guitar. It's definitely meant to be used with electric guitar, but like all pedals it can be used with any instrument that has proper connections for it…

  • Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKII

    Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MKII - moosers's review


    The Hughes & Kettner Tubeman II is a guitar preamplifier and 'recording station.' It is designed to be an all in one solution for recording guitarists. The Tubeman is of course as the name states driven by all tube power and consists of three separ…