Art Tube MP Studio V3
Art Tube MP Studio V3

Tube MP Studio V3, Tube Pre-amp from Art.

esavarit 01/17/2005

Art Tube MP Studio V3 : esavarit's user review


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Microphone / instrument preamps with 12AX7 tube. So there is a classification error on Audiofanzine it is in the "transistor preamps" instead of "tube preamp".
there you need where you need it, may be missing a switch, have to unplug to stop it. Also a well-designed box with foam for transport would be welcome, even as an option, because everyone does not buy it to travel with, I think of homestudiotistes who will surely use sedentary.


Could not be more simple, jack or XLR input, output idem, input level, output level, and a potentiometer to "character" offering a number of screening depending on the type of voice or instrument preamplifier.


For me it's perfect, I bought it for my guitar directly into live console, so do not use amp. I am a jazz guitarist and uses his very direct, I sought the grain typical of the lamp that gives a very unique attack to a jazz guitar sound, and warmth to the sound of all: desired result obtained. I occasionally try for the double bass and trumpet, other intruments of my current trio.


I am overwhelmed by my pre-amp that provides its exactly what it needs, nothing more nor less, it is very transparent and does not color the original sound, it is clear we are dealing with sound equipment pro, this is not for amateurs effects, I think of the guitarist who would be a competitor in this product to a particular pedal lamp: it is not the case at all, this is treatment Acoustic sound level, not its color or transformation.

I therefore strongly recommend it to jazz guitarist like me, I even tried from my guitar and my guitar amp, it also brings a lot in this configuration, I try for the double bass and trumpet in my trio, some it will bring a lot too.

I only takes 8 simply the absence of switch, and the impossibility of having a case / box worthy of the name, because we know that the lamps are fragile.

I hope to use does not encounter the problems mentioned in other reviews.