Art Tube MP Studio V3
Art Tube MP Studio V3

Tube MP Studio V3, Tube Pre-amp from Art.

Willty 11/13/2002

Art Tube MP Studio V3 : Willty's user review


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Bon bah I buy in the end!
* So it's a good little prampli lamp (12AX7) that can run both mics for mastering.
* See listing


It's ultra easy to use, there's no 15 000 config!
A small BMOL at the explanation of the Variable Valve Voicing ... the explanations are quite large and it is unclear what exactly each position change ... it is necessary to test!
Otherwise a really gives a nice warmth to the sound (I use a Fostex VF160).


I havent done enough testing so ... but it brings a color depending on how Variable Valve Voicing chosen.


I use it for one month and I will buy another!
I love all these Features and the sound but there are positions that do not change much!
I pay € 175 on Pigalle, the ratio quality / price is good enough, Art did a great stuff!