Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC200
Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC200

Tube Ultragain MIC200, Tube Pre-amp from Behringer in the Ultragain series.

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nunosic 08/29/2010

Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC200 : nunosic's user review

«  Positive opinion - buy with your eyes closed »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Tube amp - I / O XLR / Jack - 16 nice filters (including attenuators, voice, guitar, bass, percussions ...) - small box that takes up no space - alim. phantom deactivate - 20dB-based, low cut, phase reverse. housing quality.
There is a Knob to settle the floor of amplification of input and another for output. We can have it both to find the best configuration.


Configuration could not be more simple SAR. A knob to change the filter, button to activate the phantom power, the 20 db attenuation etc., very easy to use. I attack with a sound card creative blaster audigy soud on my pc fixed and as a base map in a laptop.


Shure SM57 microphones test with (dynamic) and apex 435 (electro static), making his guitar and percussions fields.

It is first necessary to avoid significant noise to push the mic preamp 200 and not the sound card! It is obvious, but if you do not do it you can not get good results ... whatever your preamp, unless they have a superb sound card, which is not my case.

Results: With the SM57, I paradoxically better sensitivity than the apex and I do not need to push the amplifier stage input of a lot to get a good recording (without significant noise): Floor of input and output 3 / 4, c is very well not need to have stuck the microphone (50 cm well). With the apex, on the other hand I need to push down the "input stage and not that of out to get an equivalent result in terms of signal to noise ratio than the SM57. We must be more cons by near the apex, about 20 cm. In either case if you play hard you can be quite far apart.


The sound is very correct, the noise level remains well below the level of registration. So for me it is a good product because it plays its role perfectly.
I am a little disappointed with his behavior when it is coupled with the apex (in almost all or nothing: you must push down the input stage), but the apex is a good microphone first prize (very good value prices elsewhere) and can be is what makes the difference? may be changing the lamp will be better?
Anyway I am impressed by the quality of recordings. For those who hesitate, you can go there with my eyes closed!