PreSonus TubePre
PreSonus TubePre

TubePre, Tube Pre-amp from PreSonus.

l'electron libre 02/20/2008

PreSonus TubePre : l'electron libre's user review


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Prampli small lamp ... (half rack)
I / O jack and XLR
Rackable? ... no, but stackable, yes ... (Sigeait it above my firebox up what it does lche me: see my review on this product ...)


Config trs simple, quick start ... Be careful not to abuse the gain ...
The manual ... sufficient, but in English (small point pnalit ... So, dico Necessary for "non-English speaking" ...


After a few trials with diffrent configs, we can say that this little lamp prampli plays its rle ... it may serve as prampli ... but it can also serve as prampli lamp ... what it does subtly trs long as you do not abuse the paramtres DIFFERENT ...
This small pramp not "colors" not in line with its "pjoratif" ... yes, it brings a little heat to the instrumentals and microphones passs in, but without being too Submitted without "marking" his era as the case may be certain types of hardware.
So overall, it's good ... plutt UPDATE: My confidence is plummeting Prsonus! The button will drive virtually rpond ... when I turn, it causes cracking and frightful, sometimes it works, sometimes it not work! Cheap Prsonus = galre! Note, for consquent, five from nine ... Why 5? I give because it still benefitted the doubt by saying that I have not had a bowl ... but hey, two products prsonus two products that make me after a year!


A few months ...
Most: sound quality (without saturation, less be a nag ...), the simplicity of use, small size, ideal for a home studio apartment ...
Minimum: AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh ... there is no on / off button ... So, if it is to quickly heat unnecessarily, it must unplug ... has is not good! Presonus missed something empty on this one l. .. LA GROS POINT PENALTY! UPDATE: The big point is pnalit above!
The other less ... in fact, not a less ... but a "can do better" on the quality of the lamp ... it is good, but nothing more ... Finally ... it is always possible to replace it ... UPDATE: ... may be that the drive button also ... : S
Well, in tests ... I must say that in this price range (pay 121 euros), there is not much choice ... and having a dj and knowing the firebox of reputable Prsonus ... UPDATE: going down in my estimation ... I throw it without taking the time to try others. .. but in any fawn c'tait a direct or pass 600 euros minimum for the Avalon Mindprint or ... then, frankly, the report price is unbeatable quality ... UPDATE: Ok, restriction of use over time is almost unbeatable too!
UPDATE: With the exprience, I do not have that choice would do ... I'll SAVE plutt to invest in value sre ... Avalon Mindprint type or ...
FYI, I bought this for two reasons prampli: Global Warming the sounds coming from a Audio Technica AT3035 and give my little Gretsch between one who put the value ...
This product fills my expectations ... UPDATE: This product exceeded my expectations ...
Musically ...