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  • Make this patchbay half-normal from full-normal

    Make this patchbay half-normal from full-normal

    09/16/15 in Monarch MPB-32

    This patchbay is full normal, therefore when you plug a jack at the front in A or D, the original signal at the back of the patch (between B and C) is broken and the connection becomes between A and B and between D and C.   By simpl…

  • Packers and movers in delhi

    Packers and movers in delhi

    11/21/14 in Audio Plug-ins

    We are transporters & packers and movers in New Delhi. Best mover and packer in NCR area Delhi Packers and Movers in Delhi | Movers and Packers in Delhi. www.the…

  • Strap button

    Strap button

    09/05/14 in Aclam Guitars Floating Guitar

    The box contains 2 additional strap buttons which you must change in turn (keep the originals to preserve the value of the guitar). This strap button has been specially designed for the Floating Guitar without danger of damaging in the gui…

  • Heat vent

    Heat vent

    03/26/14 in Marshall JTM612 [1995-1997]

    Adding a heat vent to the top of the cabinet, behind the handle, helps prevent overheating which is a known problem! Great sounding amp with a special clean/crunch sound as well! 

  • How to Set Up Your Cooper to Change your Sounds.

    How to Set Up Your Cooper to Change your Sounds.

    02/10/14 in JL Cooper Electronics MSB+ Rev2

    First, realize that on Midi instruments, changing a sound is referred to as a "program change." The JL Cooper has the ability to send up to eight Program Changes at one time.   1. Press the Mode button until you are in the "Pg.…

  • Panic


    02/10/14 in JL Cooper Electronics MSB+ Rev2

    Press the PANIC button on the JL Cooper whenever you have "stuck" notes. Sometimes, if you change a program (preset) while a keyboard sound is still playing, it will trigger a very annoying, unwanted echo, and/or the note will keep sounding. This…

  • remote operation

    remote operation

    02/02/14 in C-Mexx C-Console 01V

    You can operate this using an i pad via virtual desktop as a controller for the 01v its the best out there and seems to have access to all the features of the desk

  • PROEL DS10 - 'magic' pedal!

    PROEL DS10 - 'magic' pedal!

    01/30/14 in Proel DS-10 Blues Distortion

    Overall Rating: There are hundreds of Boutique pedals and many promise more than they deliver (Klon comes to mind as an example) I was put on to this pedal by accident and just happened to find one on ebay. I didn't know what to expect, but what …

  • WDM ASIO Link Driver

    WDM ASIO Link Driver

    01/17/14 in Steinberg Asio Technology

    This driver allows you to host your real ASIO driver and add windows audio with no additional latency. It allows you to use your ASIO driver from more than one application with the inbuilt multi-client support, and you can even send ASIO…

  • Download Free Sample Pack!

    Download Free Sample Pack!

    11/22/13 in Premier Sound Factory PIANO Premier Whoever first coined the phrase about the best things in life being free, would probably be really proud of us right now. Discover, experience,…