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Alesis iO|2
Alesis iO|2

USB audio interface from Alesis belonging to the iO series

Thread Sudden problem with my alesis io2

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1 Sudden problem with my alesis io2
I got an alesis io2 sound card last week and simply plugged it in and it was working fine. Brilliant for a couple of days then it suddenly decided to go wierd. It was working one second, the next it wasnt.

The problem is any signal goin to the io2 from my laptop sounds HORRIBLY distorted and loud. I have narrowed it down so that i know its not my monitors or even the outs on the card. I have installed asio 4 all because i heard it might be the asio driver but that all seems to be latency related problems, not the problem i have. Id be greatful if anybody could shed some light on this for me.

One second it worked great, the next it didnt...distorted signals from my laptop.

I know this is an old thread but I'll post anyways!

You actually might have problems with the buffer sizes. And that is latency related. If you have too low settings on buffer size, the signal can get really distorted!

I have just unpacked and tried my i02... I had to unplug my laptop and run on battery to avoid permanent noise in the signal. Further I had to tweak the asio buffer settings a lot (under device settings in Cubase) to get a decent latency!