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Alesis iO|2
Alesis iO|2

USB audio interface from Alesis belonging to the iO series

Thread alesis io2 & asio

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1 alesis io2 & asio
Hi all,
I just bought an alesis io2 for my athlon64 laptop, and I am having some problems. I wonder if anyone can provide some help or feedback on the issues or the device.
I only had it for 2 days and I am still experimenting with cubase le and stuff, so ..
First day I am randomly getting full noise in the signal being recorded. Strange thing I dont hear it from the monitor headphones, but I see it visually in the waveforms recorded. Then I play them back and it's all noisy of course, few mins at a time, then clean again.
2nd day I am trying to reproduce the problem but I cant any more. Seems like it's working fine..only sometimes card "switches" to crackling mode. In both recording and playback (of otherwise clean earlier recordings), the sound is just noisy..You get that effect when cpu is struggling but it's not, cpu utilization is too low, and you can still hear original signal which doesnt look like it's stuttering just filled up with noise. Hitting reset in device setup in cubase fixes it again...

So I am wondering, anyone else had problems like this and how did they get fixed? Is this an inherent problem with alesis and drivers? Or is it just bad hardware?

thanks a lot for any suggestions/ideas
i owned an alesis io2 and had the same identical problem on every pc i tried it on.
it turned out that the alesis asio driver was the cause, so i tried with asio4all. It helped, but there were still persistent problems, even with the asio4all driver.
In the end i just returned the damn piece of crap.
Worst card i've ever seen IMHO :/
thanks ra7or!
Tried a little bit with asio4all and I am not having any problem yet. I am wondering though what other persistent problems were you having?
I am contemplating if I should try and exchange my io2 for something else since I just got it ...
(what's another good alternative for around same price by the way? how about the mackie link.usb? )
when i had the alesis i was using n-track, and it gave me sync problems.
i guess cubase has a more stable audio core, so maybe you will not have any problem with asio4all.
while it works, use it! :)

(in case you really want to change it, check this little guy out: http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/FastTrackUSB-main.html )
Hello Rembetis! I have had the IO2 for 2 months and have experienced the same problems. Have you found any other solution than asio4all? How does it work now?
I have the same problem, anyone got this card to work like it's supposed to?! And they claim near 0 latency?! I can't believe that. Have sent an email to their UK support, but haven't heard anything back...