Digidesign Mbox
Digidesign Mbox

Mbox, USB audio interface from Digidesign.

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djamyxx 02/08/2005

Digidesign Mbox : djamyxx's user review


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I chose one for protools mbox, because it is an opportunity not to be too expensive, and that I falait protools order to work in teams with colegues who have already protools. The mbox has between 2 and ca me more than enough for my little home studio. I am a bass player so the Focusrite preamp, and AmpliTube was the welcome.
My machine: a PC with Win XP. Proc 3.4GHz P4, 1GB RAM, 400 GB hard drive, msi motherboard with intel 915P chipset (does not work! I would talk later.)


Installation of departure is made without problems, until the error 6086. Two months after it is perceived that the Intel 915P chipset was not compatible, so that when I buy the product this was mentioned nowhere! The other person is bcp problems with error 9128, 9129, etc ...
Digidesign is a great brand and it is regrettable they have not n'entisipe technology has come.
The manual is sufficient qd it works the first time. the installation is not all rest, when to disable stuff ds bios it starts to get a big installs and anyone who can not not do it!


My mbox almost works correctly from a USB 2.0 hub is located between it and my computer. Tjs I await the update for the Intel 915P chipset, it's been almost 5 months I have this problem.
ASIO is quite convenient.
Latency is huge if the buffer is a 1024, and 128 I do not record anything that is inaudible. The hub must be free to sth because I get a record normally j'usqu'a my famous 6086 error.
I often use ProTools and Reason.
The plug-in book with protools like AmpliTube, and the other is annoying tendency to send parasites when you are not registered, or demo. A vieu background noise is constantly suggested due to USB 1.0.


I've had it 5 months, I do it is portable and compact, the all in one, the preamps.
The least is that I have already said previously.
I had a maxi studio isis with logic audio pro before that worked 100 times better now in capture and playback, ca does not worth on the mbox in technology. I try one time a digi 001, which is one of the best stuff from Digidesign.

Quality price ratio, qd nothing to say it works, if not a bit expensive!

With the experience I do not refer all of this choice, but it would be more expensive!