Edirol UA-1000
Edirol UA-1000

UA-1000, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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slow_pulse_boy 12/28/2004

Edirol UA-1000 : slow_pulse_boy's user review


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With a budget comfortable and not knowing exactly what would be necessary or gadget for me, I wanted to bet on a map scroll: MIDI interface, analog I / O and pramplifies line, I / O num ricks, effects inserts, headphone jack, 4 frquences chantillonage of between 44.1 and 96khz ...
It turns out that the only card that offers everything is USB 2 and therefore only runs on PC (XP, what is more): I have not seen inconvnient.
I use it in home studio with a P4 3ghz card P4P800, 1 MB RAM, 2 x 160 GB hard.
I use it for MIDI programming, and to catch bass and guitar without amp (just passing by pdalier) and a compressor / limiter insert.


The basic installation takes half an hour, APRS how we can use the basic functions of the card (Listen to CD). For the rest, as nophyte audio, and discovering together the map and software squenceur, even when I have a little bav to run the whole Fawn stable. The ping-pong based "see the instructions for the other product," he tired quickly. However, it is more level and configuration squenceur General for the computer it takes, but when even small BMOL: since the map "requires" a platform and OS, and has a kind of agrment squenceur with whom I have chosen j'esprais that all falls a little faster in operation ...
The panel CONTRL is certainly ugly and dpourvu of VU meters, but the fact is that I never use it (my only use is to disable the wave out 1-2 to cut pregnant at costs at a headphone).


I use Sonar 3 producer: no problem in recording two instruments simultaneously with a latency of 6ms; trying to go lower (but o is intrt to beat that kind of record? ) adcroche sometimes.
I had the opportunity to mix a project with 19 audio tracks stro many effects, some greedy trs (I used to test the limits of the box). Pushing a value close to the latency of the second, you can load a lot, but the effects the most CPU-intensive (pitch shifter and gate) can not be used in "time rel", for against, it can be run a total of six compressors, 3 reverbs, EQ on all tracks and a time limit or a modulator in the here and!
Not updating the driver I know. It is Designed to run with XP Service Pack 2 (up days included), so it is completely single-platform.


Premire is my sound card, I have not had the opportunity before me to the teeth on a Soundblaster, an Isis or anything else, I possde for 6 months and j 'by using a semi-intensive (10 hours per week).
I chose to pay the price not to be bored not spend ct a vital function that I would default and therefore do not regret my purchase, and I think I have my russi time. That would do it again I repeat (although I enjoy working with the Presonus Firepod that came out since).