Edirol UA-1000
Edirol UA-1000

UA-1000, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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Patrick.salvador 10/24/2003

Edirol UA-1000 : Patrick.salvador's user review


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Essay quickly, but well-stocked!


Essay quickly, but without too much trouble


Essay quickly, but it works ...


I wanted a sound card for my laptop. an ACER travelmate 654lc. I had a choice between Dirol and M-audio firewire 410. g essay rapidemant the Dirol. rsultat: 436 buffer for 15 ms latency, a sound that seems to me pchu. but ... CPU load in fruity loops for a given squence is mounted more than 100% (!), producing sounds "exprimentaux" interresting only who collects bugs ...

Then I tried the M-Audio. problem to install (have made the Bourin, it is our fault), have to go into the registry (winXP) to transfer everything to do with M-Audio, only to reinstall the thing . rsultat: 512 buffers for 13 ms latency, clear sound, and ... CPU load with the same squence in fruity loops does not Exceeds 65%! but ... impossible to use the MIDI! it silent but not well recognized by to channel anything (I use a controller uc33 evolution)!

I finally gard the m-audio as any fawn, I have eight days to bring it in case ... This will leave me time to find a solution for that damn morning.

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