Edirol UA-20
Edirol UA-20

UA-20, USB audio interface from Edirol in the UA series.

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Keufun 12/15/2004

Edirol UA-20 : Keufun's user review


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Two years and I use this little box has changed my life (well my night!).
It must be said before with ISA or PCI cards, I always had bp of background noise and not talking about lag ...
Athlon XP 2500 with 120 MB RAM disk 520, runs without a pb
Just a little tired with a composite of Reason with 19 tracks.
To record my guitars and my voice live, silent sound a little cold. A small prampli (tube pre Prosonus) archauff everything. With a SansAmp first generation live, I got taken guitar friendly.


It's USB .... uneventful. We must follow the steps and connect the peripherals at the right time.
By installing the new MME and ASIO drivers, I can tell the location or Systm I decompress a. Dat. Not rocket science but can dboussoler someone who is not accustomed.
It happened to me a game (on a CD ROM for children) refused to use peripherals like the UA20 and I had to use the chip to the motherboard.
Apart from a, hopefully even if the nuance between the two drivers is not really explicit in the manual trs.


One maj of drivers I know.
latency of 13 ms
Plugin for cubase lovers end up on the mule loaded ... but so far no game over.
It is plastic but the buttons are well rsist.


Not want to change for now ... if not equivalent in terms of size. A mix between more with two to play and can be a little more dynamic and sound DEFINITIONS.
I just saw that the UA20 (new enhanced version Dolby 5.1 I think) is around 150 dsormais.
If I divide the price by the number of hours I spent with, made cheap minute of happiness!