Focusrite Forte
Focusrite Forte

Forte, USB audio interface from Focusrite.

miamimademusic 03/08/2013

Focusrite Forte : miamimademusic's user review

« Great quality sound! »

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The main feature that lure me to purchase the Forte was the sleek and intuitive design. The unit aluminum casing with the LED screen makes this interface very streamlined. The sound very clear and crisp.


Latency is non-existant.


The Forte can get a little buggy with Mac OS 10.6. The LED screen from time to time will freeze up, forcing you to unplug the unit. Forte's customer service assured me that this was a compatibility issue with 10.6 but not with the new OS 10.7 for Mac.


This is a great interface to have if you own a mobile or desktop studio. Cosmetically, this is a great looking piece of equipment. The aluminum casing and LED screen makes this a eye grabber in any studio. The sound that comes out of this machine is very concurrent to the other interfaces made by Focusrite. Also, the pre mics are ample for any type of audio recording. Vocals sound smooth yet loud though the Forte. I highly recommend purchasing it if you need a USB/mobile interface.