Focusrite Forte
Focusrite Forte

Forte, USB audio interface from Focusrite.

pico 12/28/2013

Focusrite Forte : pico's user review

«  Strongly convinced »

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Sound card for laptop or mobile use sector in home studio.

Maximum recording 192KHz, 24-bit conversion and 192KHz, 32-bit export to Ableton Live.

2 inputs for either: intrument / line / mic, no ability to record one keyboard at the same time and in stereo microphone, shame ...

4 outputs: 2 mono jack for monitor speakers and 1 stereo output for headphones.

2 1 USB input and a socket for the power supply.

1 cord with jack mono and 2 XLR mic input.

The strong can work with feeding USB2, but the sound is reduced to the headphones and can not use the 48v phantom power.

Not taking afternoon.

Brief minimal configuration.


Installation is very quick on windows 7 with a laptop with 6 GB of RAM and a Core i7-3610QM processor

sound card can walk using 1ms minimum latency (2.31 ms 192kHz on ableton live) but with a little heavy plugins I had some problems, but it works fine with a slightly higher latency that is not meant for use.

Background noise pre amp is non-existent, it is a very good point!

The sound you get with this card is the domain of professional so you can do the final work for a studio album without a problem, for the price it's very good.


I apreciated being able to watch my laptop while leaving plugged strong and able to re-open windows and everything works normally, it is a proof of the stability of drivers.

the sound card can be used without any latency monitoring input, everything is manageable with the software "strong control" between the DAW and the entrance to the strong, it is very simple to configure and can save his patch configurations .


I am currently very telling despite some shortcomings such as not putting the cord input and midi output and not be able to record 4 track at the same time.

The sound I get is completely transparent and professional, bought 369 euros I think it is an excellent choice for a mobile card and home studio for one person working alone, to save battery or group must be seen in a higher range as RME, but the quality of the preamp is not necessarily better.