Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Scarlett 2i2, USB audio interface from Focusrite in the Scarlett series.

GutsMiura 09/19/2014

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 : GutsMiura's user review

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there knowing absolutely nothing of the mao I look into the opinions of some of my relatives who themselves are well wedged in millieux, and this interface as do almost unanimously have recommended it to me x times so I bet on trust ... and I was right .. especially as it is given.
is minimally equipped (yet) mao level, I plug my head of Blackstar amp HT20 its output out, I read them directly to the sound card, and nothing that I have a more than satisfactory sound! I also use it with a microphone and even the two simultanéement quality is in no way altered the ball .. what.
I use it mainly to record my riffs or compo, I also used to PSUs quality of my videos (ie micro + guitar)


the driver has nothing to say but does it work knowing there was nothing that stuff I just prefer to say that everything works without niqeul hooked.
I use reaper and audacity in sequencer.
the sound card has two independently adjustable inputs, left able to be extremely strong while the right will be very low, with the system "halo" that measures the intensity of the gain (gain is pushed when the knob turns red is that yen have too so it faudras rebaisser to iron in green) all become extremely intuitive and easy to use.
NO latency


for instalation I dl a driver because I do not see ais in the box .. maybe I'm next to go against .. by Ableton is provided with (and is frighteningly complicated to use ..) is a ous for instaler, chopper must be a code entered on the site of the galley Focusrite etc ...
the manual is really THE downside of the beast .. the sound card is certainly easy to use, so the manual is quite fin..tellement end he do that 3pages (LAMINATED) AND in English! so if we mess this faudras English look a little on the beast .. an example of AC, a phantom power system is available, in addition to what we can know what is in what can he serve? if not draw in the instructions we'll never know and if you do not speak English ca quickly become crap! and phantom power system is a system for powered static microphones, besides then activated with a dynamic microphone plug can screw up the latter, and the record is the burn ..


I use it for quite a few and I think I go around, although he heard me time to faudras well used, but I ais level functionality in popoche (or so) I know what corresponds to what Button function etc. ..
I try ais little but I had many opinions.
what I like most about this sound card, it's already easy to use, it is elegant, cheap and excellent quality just for what I like least I would say the manual and ableton ..
value for money it's a scam .. seriously do this Focusrite realize they LOSE money ?? !! a beast that gives Pariel ca not !! biensur we did not plaindras;)
with the experience I think so, but I did not yet know enough to make me a real opinion about it, expect to be more equipped to be fixed ^^