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Focusrite Scarlett2 18i8
Focusrite Scarlett2 18i8

USB audio interface from Focusrite belonging to the Scarlett 2nd Generation series

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Thread Audio Distortion on PC sounds fine on Interface

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1 Audio Distortion on PC sounds fine on Interface
I just got a Scarlett 18i8. I hadn't installed the drivers and it was working fine with almost everything on my PC. I decided to install the Drivers and now my audio sounds distorted on everything. I have a link to a short clip of what it sounds like now.
This only happens on the computer. When I plug headphones directly into the Scarlett it sounds perfectly fine. Just everything that uses the microphone on the computer sounds terrible. I uninstalled the drivers and it started working just fine with most of my programs except OBS. With and without the drivers my audio on OBS sounds like the sound clip. I thought that installing the Drivers would fix it but instead it made all my other audio bad.
I have already done the PC optimization that Focusrite recommends.

Here is the link to the audio clip: https://youtu.be/dOYzOjlT0PA

PC Specs: Intel Core i7-2600k 3.40GHz
Windows 10 64-bit OS
Scarlett 18i8 Audio Interface
Shure SM58 Microphone