Focusrite Scarlett2 2i4
Focusrite Scarlett2 2i4

Scarlett2 2i4, USB audio interface from Focusrite in the Scarlett 2nd Generation series.

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Crackling issues with google chrome only


Avishek Chakraborty (avi)

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Avishek Chakraborty (avi)
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1 Posted on 06/26/2018 at 09:56:55Direct link to this post
I have a 2i4 second gen. it works fine on my pc and laptop with any DAW (I use studio one 3, ableton live 9, pro tools 12)
I have purchased a new laptop recently asus rog 503VD. on this laptop most of the time when I'm connected with 2i4 I can hear crackling while playing any streaming media on chrome. this issue is not there with mozilla or opera or edge. and strangely chrome also works fine with windows audio directly.
here's what I have tried:-
1. uninstalled and reinstalled chrome.
2. tried 2i4 on different usb ports
3. power saving option for usb hub has been unchecked
4. reinstalled 2i4 driver and this fixes the issue briefly but issue again comes back

Please help


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2 Posted on 03/08/2020 at 09:35:15Direct link to this post
BLUF: Ensure that the buffer size on the Scarlett is the same as in ASIO4ALL.

The standard i/o buffer size for Scarlett is set to 1024 whereas the standard ASIO4ALL buffer size is 512. This mismatch causes the stuttering / crackling. You can change either one to match the other - they just have to match.

I had the same symptoms where I would have problems on Chrome browser watching YouTube videos but it would work fine with other browsers.

I realize this is an old post, but this info might help other people.
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