Line 6 TonePort UX1
Line 6 TonePort UX1

TonePort UX1, USB audio interface from Line 6 in the TonePort series.

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Line6 TonePorts: USB 2.0 or 1.1??


The Gubboy

The Gubboy
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1 Posted on 12/31/2006 at 09:28:58

It says on Line6's website that the TonePorts requires a free USB 1.1 or 2.0 port. Do they truly support full speed USB 2.0 speeds, 480mpbs, or do they slow down to the much slower USB 1.1 speeds even when plugged into a 2.0 port? Does anyone know? Thanks!


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2 Posted on 01/02/2007 at 03:08:10
some math for you:

toneports maximum recording ability is 24 bit/48 khz (yes, there is a 96khz mode, but its fake. it just upsamples a lower-res recording)

so, you have 24 bits recorded 48000 times in 1 second. that makes 1.152.000 bits every second. put a few extra bits for error checking and coorection, you get a 1,2 Mbit data flow (BITS not BYTES, its different :) )

now, let's check the speed of a standard USB 1.1. minimum speed: 1,5 Mbit/s - maximum speed: 12 Mbit/s

well, i guess the minimum usb 1.1 speed is HIGHLY enough to run the toneworks at best.

so, your answer is: toneworks does not use full usb2 speed because it doesn't need to. its fully operational at minimum usb 1.1 speed.
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