M-Audio Mobilepre Usb
M-Audio Mobilepre Usb

Mobilepre Usb, USB audio interface from M-Audio in the MobilePre series.

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xulops 10/29/2005

M-Audio Mobilepre Usb : xulops's user review


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It is a removable card with phantom power drawn directly from the USB (that's cool), so no need to drag a transformer.
USB 1.1 only, which is handy when you fall on a machine not equipped with USB2 ports.
The two inputs accept all levels (micro, guitar, online).
I use it as his main card, and to record my bass tracks (through a bass Vamp)
The sampling frequency is 48kHz max in 16bit, it is more than enough for home studio use and will turn pro anyway towards more complex and more expensive.


We can not much simpler (tested under Win XP SP1):
- Run the installer
- Reboot (shame though)
- Connect the USB cable

It is directly recognized, his fate now.

There's just a question about the optimization of CD players that can be bewildering, as not really well explained.


The motto: simplicity
At the software level, the mixer is very bare, but it takes no brainer. We find immediately how it works. It is directly recognized in all audio software.

At the hardware level, it meets my expectations. Noise level low enough, the USB cable is long enough, the buttons have a correct key, the diodes are useful.

Just one small problem, shame about the second line input is on the rear. It is less convenient when you want to connect a stereo RCA, the left front and right rear, it needs to flourish cord.


For the price (175 euros in playback.fr vpc) is nickel. The universality of the USB and the abscence of the transformer makes it truly mobile (you still remember the driver cd when we start with the case under the arm).
Remember: The ease of use. Record two tracks without taking the lead.
I wonder: is it possible to connect two MobilePre on the same machine to record four tracks at once?