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M-Audio Fast Track Pro
M-Audio Fast Track Pro

USB audio interface from M-Audio belonging to the Fast Track series

Thread Help connecting/using an M-Audio Fast Track Pro

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1 Help connecting/using an M-Audio Fast Track Pro
Hello everyone,

I just bought an M-Audio Fast Track Pro, and I've hooked it up to my computer...however-

I've been trying to use Adobe Audition to record-I used to go straight from my amp to the mic jack in my computer which Audition picked up just fine...except it recorded in mono. So I went to Guitar Center and asked what the best way to record in stereo was, and I was told an interface would be my best bet. Adobe Audition doesn't seem to recognize the interface at all, but my computer sees it as new hardware and it's installed. The interface came with free Live 6.0.1 software, but I've been having trouble with that too. I'm wondering if it's perhaps a sound card issue, but it could be anything. I'm really new to using recording equipment, and I'd love to learn so I can...well- record! Anyone have any ideas/thoughts/suggestions?