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M-Audio Fast Track Pro
M-Audio Fast Track Pro

USB audio interface from M-Audio belonging to the Fast Track series

Thread fast track pro with Reaper problems with samplerate

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1 fast track pro with Reaper problems with samplerate
Hello all,
I am using Reaper, new version, on an old Mac (os sierra) and with the Fast Track Pro.
Only when I use the M-audio, do my 48khz files play back slower. If I play the same Reaper project through headphones the speed is okay.
There is a problem in "communication" between Reaper and Fast Track Pro... I once solved the problem with a weird random button-pushing in between both softwares (driver and reaper)... you have to get them to communicate, so for instance instruct them both to switch to 44khz, and then from there on they are "sync-ed". But I can't get it to succeed now.
Anybody knows ?
Thank you.