MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid
MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid

896mk3 Hybrid, USB audio interface from MOTU in the 896 series.

Prices starting at $995 average price: $1,421

MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid : Anonymous 's user review

«  Very good value for money. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Using a logic pro and macpro under protools9, To see the features of the site directly or Motu Univers-Sons. Firewire connection.


Installation without problem on MacPro, I guess it's on the same PC.


The routing and monitoring can sometimes be confusing but with a little practice you succeed quickly find its way ..
The only drawback was the inability to insert a compressor or EQ on the inputs without bypass for recording, as the Apollo Universal Audio, though it costs more than twice the price of the Motu . Food for thought.
However, the reverb exception to this rule due to the auxiliary bus, needed to catch votes. You can always put an eq on the slices or other output without having to recording;


To summarize, preamps and converters are of very high quality, inserting effects on output bus
is a solution to correct the monitoring without affecting the recording. The CueMix FX allows access to all parameters without affecting the audio interface., Very convenient.
For that price, there is no real competitor and with this budget, I will ever be the same choice without trembling ...

"Sorry for that opinion a bit messy, this is the first I wrote"