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oli_dewulf 06/13/2007

Tascam US-144 : oli_dewulf's user review


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This little jewels that I do not use it again at fair value, provides a lot of things ... for a price much thinner (sound card + USB Cubase LE (complete) + USB cable (and yes it's wrong tjs self) + GigaStudio)!

Level recording quality and latency, and tt ca, I have wanted me dir jy know anything but I have no complaints => no désagremment (now up to you to set up a configuration that holds up well)


At installation although it took plug and unplug and reconnect the card s install in 3 minutes flat and I knew nothing in cubase but within 30 minutes after installing I register my first compo!


It is ideal for those who like me little musician garage and wants to try to put some songs fit for a reasonable price without having any other investment required to do ... (which in my case a multi- ca is not too bad (battery)!

In fact, you can record 4 tracks simultaneously (small hic! Qd mm 4 tracks yes, but two guitar mic and 2 for example, unfortunately, not two guitars, a bass and a microphone finally just what that track is a multi tjs average quibble ...)
This little snag is not a given that eventually all good record registers track by track ... (of course remains the problem of the battery m'enfin ..)


So here in all I'm really happy with my new acquisition.

If you want info on a + or anything j am at your disposal:

(I am a computer and not a pro in DC I will help you according to my ability!)