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gilogic 01/13/2007

Tascam US-144 : gilogic's user review


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I use Apple computers (PowerMac G4 Mirror mono 1.25Go, 1.5GB RAM, iBook 1GB, Logic Pro 7, Garage Band).
OSX Tiger 10.4.8, latest drivers.
I already have the Tascam US-122 which I'm very happy, I thought the new version (US-144) with USB2 would be even better.


No particular problem for installation.


Drivers for OSX are devastating, often picks up the card in use, sometimes it is not recognized at boot.
Despite the support of the USB2, the software latency is more important than the Tascam US-122 in USB1 yet.
US-144 card does not work with buffer sizes small yet supported by the previous model.
In short, I think the driver for OSX is responsible for this poor performance.
I have not tried the card on PC.
It's strange, once again the previous model (US-122) works perfectly, I had advised a large number of people who are very satisfied.
on the other hand, after testing the US-114 on several configurations Mac (G4, iBook, iMac Intel), I confirm that the card has shortcomings and that the stability of the driver is not at the rendezvous.


On paper the features of this card and its value is excellent, shame on OSX, performance is not up to the previous model. Hopefully the updated driver will solve these problems.