Dean Guitars V 79

V 79, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Dean Guitars.

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metalexophobie 07/28/2005

Dean Guitars V 79 : metalexophobie's user review


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DEAN V This is a skyscraper that looks American, but American sound that is made if I remember correctly in Asia, but do not leave right away, the rest promises to be good! !
cords leave the body of the beast, a bridge from this retro boomerang-shaped, higher on the stick to hit a block is found Gibsonian cute little
pearly fairly standard points on a rose wood table type, average after all ... after the bridge blank (plastic) we find that the charm dee this guitar head, V also it fits perfectly with the body and home 6 Grover who until now are very effective and are well agreement, and then the little logo that kills ....
In terms of settings, there is no Ches MusicMan "Luke" or IBANEZ "jem" three good knobs Volumeaigu / Volume Bass / tone, but are sensitive enough sound really changes from 0 to 10
a small three-position selector white will change your sound harmoniously hu hu!


The handle is quite a gréable, there slips out easily, the handling is quick and pleasant as mentioned above is strongly influenced resst GIBSON (for the record, Dean was in the 70's reproductions of Gibson guitars, for where the influence!) but it's great! a small dot even when fishing CCAA is acute, in effect ctte beautiful damsel to 22 frets on a desagremment Notter has access to it because the designers, to make the guitar balanced have encroached on
the space for the fingers in dudos of the instrument to put the fate Bitonio
hanging strap so the gutar hero is not at the top for you! you feel good with this instrument, it is very light, is in place, you would not have the old head that looks like on other guitars of the same price, but it is big enough so the game itself c ' is not a problem, but for a small zicos it can be a bit large (dime bag at the same time that was not a giant scratch untilisait of the same proportions)!
The sound is very fast, we are surprised by the power of the machine, you do not Doutt it is all in the belly, in the second quelues goes from thrash metal to the most virulent dirty blues from the depths of bayous ....


I scratch to be a core group Thrash death to the old hairy hints of hardcore and stoner puride blackisant like a SUPER JOINT RITUAL mix of DILINGER ESCAPE PLAN would have flirted with MACHINE HEAD before a concert deMOTORHEAD, while outside a car passes listening to the MAIDEN HELLOWEEN or .... and as a practitioner of the gibson for about 10 years, I was only surpassed by the + V DEAN, she sound, dress and the look that suits me, happy happy!
more to honor him, I accompany my peavey 5150 and a good old 4 / 12 MARSHALL: lamp and vintage .... and therefore in this configuration, it is in the metal fatty donf (a donf) that oozes from everywhere, that is hot, but whiskey mode rhythm (light from 5150 and yes ...) with the selector the micro scratches on serious is the heat, you want to jazz blues: true!
small snag, though micro powerful as any lack some clarity, and this is where Gibson gets his crown but it is 4000 balls + (€ 550 for youth) and that it counts ...
wholes sounds of this creature I meet;


After two months of regular use (again, concerts), I am very happy with my Acquisition, because for ages I wanted a flyning, but the gibson V were expensive and not very aesthetic, the Epiphone Same (although the Gothic Jackson's too ...), Dave Mustaine and surprise, a registered qqs forgotten for years back to haunt me, and hop love at first sight. that's life. and then mess it's really cheap, the price of a Epihnone except that it sounds better and is more original, but it's hard to find and yes, but good people in the distro back in France (eh Gillou!) ah yeah mine I bought new for 560 € and it is even not very expensive for the quality of the object.
- With experience, you do again this choice? ... A donf! Had I known, I would not scratch that 2 months in their fly! brief will be no fear, it's a cheap scraper disappointed that you said!

ps; attention to color and scratch my table and all those in this category, not like in the picture (vertical wood grain and brown) but like this:

a +