Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer
Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer

1958 Korina Explorer, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Explorer series.

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CPS 2020 08/14/2011

Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer : CPS 2020's user review

«  Beautiful Beast! »

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It is a Korean production of good quality. Despite the size of the guitar, it does not weigh too heavy. The varnish is good, but without (light trace of connection).

The neck is very thin for a Gibson (or Gibson copy). Perfect for the rhythm, but probably more difficult for solos, while it seems rather cut for that.


The use is very nice. The shape of the guitar back can put his arms like an armrest. So you can play long enough without a problem.

The guitar has the same problem as the SG. It has a tendency to lean forward, but with practice, it is not a problem.

Access to acute boxes is a real treat. We can take this guitar without problems into a corner.


This guitar is made to sound full. You just plug it into a small Marshall (not even lights!) To have immediately a good rhythm sound full. The transition between the micro serious one and two microphones is not super sensitive.

In his clear, we find a clean, precise and clear on which to apply sound effects without losing accuracy.

This guitar has a sound all its own ....


I've had 15 days. I cracked the form, because it is a guitar legend and it amused me to have it in my collection. But I was surprised that this guitar was excellent and complemented perfectly the sounds of other models (TV, Strato, SG, Les Paul.

Excellent selected on the basis of price. Do not hesitate if you want to please you.

One word of warning, given the size of the thing and its sharp corners, buy You flycase Epiphone hard, rather than a cover, this will allow you to keep the fair as the first day!