Epiphone Explorer
Epiphone Explorer

Explorer, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Explorer series.

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lindse 03/05/2010

Epiphone Explorer : lindse's user review


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High-end model of the series of the era Epiphone purchased new for about 650 euros (the era in 1998, c'tait frank about 4500 francs)

- Guitar assembles hand Core, controlle Nashville in the US (it is on the rear plate)
- Solid mahogany body
- Maple neck rather thin, ideal for playing fast
- Di Marzio pickups tone zone
- Pink Floyd evolution can go underneath the strings giving the sustain of a fixed bridge.
- String block and mcaniques oil bath
Superior finishing some USA, especially the handle.

The big strength of this guitar is its sound, very close to a Lespaul but also dfini.


The handle is a rgal, it is infinitely Superior that of my Stratocaster and my SG. We quickly himself a virtuoso as the game is easy.
Ergonomics and what is therefore exploring the desti- nations most recently boxes is reached without problem
To not get a nice sound, you really have a rotten amp because a Marshall guitar sends heavy!
Floyd is very simple and uses possde a zero position that raises hands on it.


The sound is standard notes last for hours ... In clean, the Di Marzio are both jazzy or crystalline according rglages: nothing to do with sound without me for a BC RICH or Ibanez RG Chinese style.
Good locks when the distortion, we quickly realized that the guitar is made to have the harmonics are dmoniaques, bass vibrate the walls. You can get a very beautiful sound the Santant or more furious echoes the Megadeath.
In its ultra saturated well dfinies remains bends notes and screaming death.
The best sound I've ever saturated obtained 10/10.


Now how would such a guitar, I tried a lot of model rcent, Jackson, LTD, Ibanez but their sound is cold, without scale.
This guitar is a gem for fans of Hard blues / punk / Mtal / trash, but I use it mostly for my solos and play the blues. A rare and compelling guitar.