Epiphone Explorer
Epiphone Explorer

Explorer, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Explorer series.

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MGR/marc hennessy 06/20/2004

Epiphone Explorer : MGR/marc hennessy 's user review

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i baught my explorer from a shop in newcastle called sound control. i paid 340 quid fore it.

the guitar is very well manufactured. it has an excelent aggresive look to it and sounds like a bomb going off when u crank the volume up to full. this guitar is by far the best i've played and i recomend every metal loving head banger to buy one.

the guitar is a little hard to play sitting down because of the shape. but it can still be played if you have quite a bit of space. my hand started to cramp up a little bit after playing sitting down. on the tone switch i get a little bit of crunching when ajusting it but other than that its wickid

quality wise, this guitar comes as good as it gets for its price. designed by gibson you can expect it to be good and it lives up to the name stamped on te top of it. epiphone have made a great job on the construction and theres no problems from whati can see.

overall this guitar is awsome. i recomend every metal lover to get 1. it has a great sound even through small amps and i have tried it through a 200 watt stage amp and it blows the windows out. go out and buy 1 and find out fore yourself what im talking about.

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