Epiphone Explorer
Epiphone Explorer

Explorer, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Explorer series.

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b-slayer 04/02/2009

Epiphone Explorer : b-slayer's user review


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Manufacturing Corenne surely, but the finish laminate is honorable
Bolt pitch fender 22 boxes (look for the error)
Licensed Floyd Rose bridge with string locks on the head
Tone volume one a 3-position toggle switch
the handle is plutt in a standard "Fender-ien" level thickness / width
Fully guitar is black, including hardware, no shield
double micro style "ZBRA" with a coil and a black crme
Note that the photo above is not the right, as my MODEL smaller in body


The handle is enjoyable without being a highway, Access in acute is good enough if indeed one does not take into account the large bead that comes gcher the fte was from the 17th hut
ergonomics is good because you can play sitting or standing problem, has noted that the guitar tends to bite the head
the sound is average for a guitar c'tait manufacturing mid-range, replacement of the microphones are almost mandatory on pain of Feedback of all kinds under heavy distortion type mtal area and others (which is why it has t Designed I think beginners 90s, PERIOD mtallica black album, you draw a picture)


This guitar is now over me "laboratory" as the main instrument
t handle a chang mics too, and it is always Fidler to the post, it is much agreement, the sound is "pass" or transparent
the visual record: the mtal
its register sound: a notch below the mtal because the original pickups that are a little "hair hair"


I possde this shovel since 1996 (pfff. dj ... ..) and what I prfre is its look, what j'apprcie the least: the fact that '... it is laminate, micro rotten
I do it again this choice because it was my guitar Premire "mtaleux" and just to see the head of my friends when I left her bag the very first time ... "c 'What is that thing "
a worthwhile