Jackson Phil Demmel Signature King V
Jackson Phil Demmel Signature King V

Phil Demmel Signature King V, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Artist Signature series.

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RideTM 12/17/2009

Jackson Phil Demmel Signature King V : RideTM's user review


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Body: Alder <br class="empty" /> Neck: Maple 3pc Traversing <br class="empty" /> Bridge: Floyd Rose FRT-O-2000 <br class="empty" /> Pickup: EMG60/EMG81 <br class="empty" /> Radius: 12 "-16"

Japan. not too heavy. neck through. stick coating.
A super thrasher, more aggressive than the conventional V.
And yes, for those who have seen writing "original floyd rose" on the site of Jackson (and Web retailers) it is a Floyd Rose FRT-O-2000, explanation: it is an original floyd but manufactured korea! quality level is between a licensed and original. Mine took a month, now I do not touch more ... until I ride a real OFR German, this sucks .... for the price ...

For sound, nothing to say EMG rules!