Jackson JS30WR Warrior
Jackson JS30WR Warrior

JS30WR Warrior, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the JS series.

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mad_duck56 08/10/2009

Jackson JS30WR Warrior : mad_duck56's user review


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24 frets, 2 pickups CVR2 Humbucking passive technology that hide out their games.
Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard.
1 potentiometer for master volume (for 2 microphones), 1 tone, 3-position selector (bridge, bridge + neck, neck), all in chrome.
A bridge JT 390 adjustable allowing you to pay your first harmonic.
1 output jack angled at 45 ° ideally placed.
Plastic nut. Bolt and traversing ropes.
3 colors available: Black, Gun Metal Grey and Inferno Red.
But for me All is black All is Right & ...


The handle is faithful to the Holy Father Jackson, like any end. Made for a quick game, it slides right in the palm of your hand, what a real pool. I had an old stick Millnots with rough-hewn to assurancetourisx, as slippery as sandpaper, I can tell you that things change! A screw through the handle will fix it. I do not think the mechanics are in oil baths (normal at this price point) but they are quite correct. The position of the pots and pickup selector are properly positioned.
Accessibility to acute is average: not bad when one starts on the thin rope, but more difficult (because of the heel stick screwed) when starting from the grave. The guitar is not too heavy and most importantly, very well balanced. The shape is great, but hey, it's a matter of taste, we like it or not.
So far, so that's good. The problem is that the wooden handle, although the qualities in terms of tone (for the price range) and play, tend to work, and not half. So I have a guitar that goes wrong very often, and I must re-regulate N-th time (set neck, height of the bridge, harmonics, and strings ...) as many say it fast soule. The most annoying is that the handle is twisted in the longitudinal (twisted relative to the axis formed by the handle) which is not adjustable. So I am compelled to strongly back the bridge at the expense of fast play and easy to handle which was designed! Without this setting the asset freeze on the bass string freight No. 1. So forget the big play to tie the Drop C. I bought this new Jackson, I have always taken great care and have never stored in a damp room. But when I got it, the strings were slightly rusty, imagine what the storage conditions in which it was. I do not know if the seller never or trade mark is responsible.
The guitar can sometimes be very nice for 1 month with an easel set relatively low, and then one morning the drama ...
And because it's a really good guitar but that this problem does not care a bit while in the air, I put 4.


The Warrior is aptly named, it is made to send the country pate, but also knows how to stay versatile and surprisingly even in clean. Playing mainly of metal: Metallica, Pantera, Gojira, Dagoba, this guitar suits me. The pickups really amazed me to Jackson, I expected a bit poo to 2 boxes, but not all. In full on the bridge, the sound is precise, the palm-muted doing well. Saturation articulate, they are granted, no spitting or too sharp nor too severe. In clean, sound can be warm with a good modeling amp and can give really cool things. The switch to middle position (bridge + neck) may provide an interesting alternative.
FYI, I play a Line 6 Spider II combo 75 watts, and frankly I'll not say it's enough to retract the village priest, but not far. For the price range, when the handle does not spin (too) and do not give me want to get out the chainsaw, I put 9.


It's been 3 years I use this guitar. I like the handle end, slipping and quick game. I like the look of unusual Warrior, finish and overall pretty nice pickups that have the respondent.
I hate the twist of the handle that makes me want me to bury myself fingers in the sockets to the brain, and toss the whole story to see if I still feel something ...
The days of murderous madness aside, its value for money is very good. It may be a good first or second guitar. Metal type, it retains some flexibility in contrast to what could pretend let her look.
I can only advise you not to order it on the web, and watch his neck before you buy.
If the strings are already on in normal tuning and that the handle seems right then I would highly recommend it, otherwise, take a look at ESP or Dean.