Jackson JS30WR Warrior
Jackson JS30WR Warrior

JS30WR Warrior, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the JS series.

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MGR/Mike Courts, Master of Puppets 09/26/2004

Jackson JS30WR Warrior : MGR/Mike Courts, Master of Puppets's user review

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I got this guitar from gak.com for £200, but its normally £280. I got it cos its a jackson, and its a whole lotta metal! its pure shredder!

Its got a phat neck, really smooth, and wafer thin, so playin solos is a doddle. The pickups sound really nice on clean, and it has a floydd rose. It is a sexy beast, too. Specially for the price, its a damn good guitar. As good as an epiphone les paul, easily, and a few bob cheaper

Though floydd roses are awsome, they get bloody annoying, and they are sooooo high maintanance. the pickups could stand to be a tad crunchier, but thats just me nit-picking.

couldnt be better, solid body, nice and heavy, everything screwed on tight. sweet.

a damn good guitar, if youve got the money and patience to deal with getting a floydd rose set up. Well worth a look into.

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