Jackson JS30WR Warrior
Jackson JS30WR Warrior

JS30WR Warrior, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the JS series.

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MGR/Andrew Rabloczky 11/08/2002

Jackson JS30WR Warrior : MGR/Andrew Rabloczky's user review

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I live in Budapest, Hungary. I bought this brand new guitar in a well known guitar dealer in Budapest.I was looking for especially a japan Jackson model. I paid 99000Ft (approx. 400bucks).

I had to choose between 3 guitar: jackson fx fusion, ps4, and js30. I tried all, and that was the real bargain. It's a 2002 model, and the others are much older, and that counts. It has the most versatile sound of all. I play Metallica in general, Hendrix, GnR, RHCP, and other styles as well. It's perfect with a Marshall valvestate in every way. The JT500 floyd rose tremolo is awesome; hard to believe but its true that after 2 month of intensive play, i've never needed to tune the strings. Not at last the guitar looks fuckin' cool.

There's nothing i dont like about it. Maybe it would looked a little cooler with sharkfin inlays (but that is the DXMG model with active EMG pickups).

Quality is all right, tremolo's durability kicks ass -that's important!! Unfortunately it fell down once. It landed on the side of the neck. Nothing happened thank God. My previous guitar was a Les Paul cover, and that's neck bended a bit after an impact. By the way the alder body is very soft, it can be easily hurt. Better be careful.

I'm very happy with this guitar. Easy to play with, nice sound, real Jackson quality. It's good to know that Jackson makes all products the highest quality whether in the U.S.A or Japan.

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