Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24
Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24

Randy Rhoads RR24, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the MG series.

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bibi fricotin 11/25/2008

Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24 : bibi fricotin's user review


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This beautiful Japanese.
24 frets, a EMG81.
original floyd rose !!
a single volume knob.
good handle jackson painting.
it has keys bne.


The handle is for me a perle.En effect that is late, and parfais for a quick game !! (good point !!)
The access to the very acute ais !! we see a little more difficulty level 3.4 desti- nations most recently frets!
we get a good sound because it is a quality scratching !! I have an amp 15watts so the I can not tell, but the sound is already very good !!!;)


It suits very well to my musical style, namely the Mtal !! Please do not rely on this guitar in other areas !!
I play with a pourrave amp !! lool.en effect I play with a Marshall 15 watt! in my opinion I would draw a much better sound with any other amp !!
the sound is rather cold it also allows you to make sharp enough !!! muted palms is perfect for Mtal !! sound is powerful !! is impeccable!
the clean distortion is horrible but it sends logs !!!;)


I use it for one week !! well it's a shovel coronation !!!
I like to sound distortion, its shape !! killeuse and above all it does not sting the nose.
I do not like the clean but good sound !!
I think That a humbucker at the neck would be wise for a little more versatility !!
for distortion if you found the sound acute, you can surely make necessary adjustment on Lampl
it remains very onreuse.
I'll probably do it again this choice or I might be hesitated with laiho esp esp sv or a Standard!