Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24
Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24

Randy Rhoads RR24, V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the MG series.

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greifinosferatu 10/19/2011

Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24 : greifinosferatu's user review

«  The RR for metal! »

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Japan, ORF floyd, neck-24 frets, EMG 81 active a bridge and a knob.
maple neck and alder body.


Channel super nice, slightly flat (my preference), not too thin nor too thick, super fast access to acute and very good.


The sound is a killing, net, precise, sharp and incisive, the distortion is very cold and clear sound ...... too!
wholesale branch and it is sent, it is metal and nothing else!
the bass has enough body and treble are powerful.
I do not accept the fact that it is not flexible because it is not its goal, the specification is clear, metal, metal and heavy metal! the rest give yourself a gibson!


This guitar is a best-of playing games typed bulk metal, it has the mouth (only concocts jackson flying V worthy of the name) on his tears, the finish is very good (I did not say perfect!) , well balanced, it is very comfortable, the game is accurate, the FR is very flexible but almost never go out of tune, in short, it is worth its price and no one will regret it.

least some small to make this more objective opinion, the knob is not very well placed, by playing I sometimes touches ..... and cut half my size!
the electronic assembly is poor, a microphone, a battery, a knob and a headphone jack and it's already a mess! a weld that farts on the system of implementation of the stack, one on the knob! all on a shovel under 6 months!
inlays stand out a little ebony buttons, indicating that the wood was not dry before work (not well, but no problem)
Finally, the covers on the back of the guitar is really crappy, more cheap you die.

but hey, I forgive, it is so exceptional!