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Voivod K 10/23/2009

Jackson Kelly STD : Voivod K's user review


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Pm. a little lower aptly described the beast ... To summarize, making Japan (between 1990 & 1995), 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard, dot markers, plastic (it's cheap!), Vibrato Floyd Rose licensed Jackson JT-580LP (more than effective!), Two Jackson humbuckers, a J50 a bit mushy in the neck position and a J92-C-winded in the bridge position, volume control, the mechanical oil bath proper, a maple neck with reported head and body with poplar as the majority Jackson Japanese models that period. So I want albeit a base model, but mine has a peculiarity. This is not a pitch 25.5 inches (648 mm)! After several steps so I did not believe he is a baritone pitch 668 mm (26.3 inches). In short, I never found any trace of this type of pitch on these guitars ... Weird weird. 6 / 10 because the equipment properly without more, is not a must ...


The handle is nice, fairly large and very flat. The varnish is correct, it glides well and the key is not unpleasant. Not a big stick, but damn. For cons, the paw is because the width of the neck may obstruct small mimine and fatigue occurs quickly (in comparison, a handle is a highway Lag stratospheric !)... The interface is nice because the shape, somewhat convoluted, is relatively well studied and balanced. Standing, no particular problem, the strap (strap-lock fasteners behind the junction sleeve / body and halfway up the horn of the bridge) is not a concern (despite what I've read elsewhere) just that we do not play guitar on his lap. The body is not too unbalanced despite a head that has a tendency to dive (one sleeve a little too long as 668 mm?). Having said this last point is correct because it is far from the mediocrity of a BC Rich Warlock (in the same range of course!). When seated, the guitar is not a problem, although this is not Byzantium. It is always better than a Flying V! The big black point of this guitar and its race remains access to treble that is very bad. Make up on all 6 strings in 5 / 6 last boxes is relatively difficult, and this because of a heel junction too massive and not profiled. It's doable with my big paws (I am fortunate to have toes rather long), but downright crappy for small hands. Otherwise it is quite heavy in fact, there are a lot of material on this guitar with its enormous horn ... For the rest, vibrato is a very good job and is perfect agreement. Get a sound is easy: you plug it and starts the volume. Then it's the amp and the guitar player doing the rest (see review below) ... 6 / 10 because of access to acute and small imbalance ...


To begin with, this guitar was very well suited to what I was doing (before storing and do not show that on the occasion ...), ie Thrash / Death. I was also soloist and despite its small flaws, it still did not hurt! Two options with this guitar bridge pickup with distortion and clean sound neck pickup. If it does the opposite, it's downright crap: the J92-C is too loud and clear in his J50 too mushy and winded distortion. So no compromise. By distortion, J92-C is doing pretty well despite average output level. This is not the king of accuracy but with good amp settings, it passes. In his clear, the J50 is velvety with very large and serious lack of potato is almost a virtue for its lack of precision greatly handicaps. For information, this guitar has been tested on Transtube Peavey Bandit 112, Peavey 6505 +, 60GX Crate and Randall RH150 ... I changed the pickup J92-C by a DiMarzio DP155 ToneZone I had in stock, and there, we win very much in power and precision, especially with distortion of course. Having said that with the micro Jackson sounds very cold, very clinical. I had earlier this microphone Lag Rockline on a bridge, and the difference is clear: the lag is downright hot hot side of the frigid Jackson! This coldness can find its utility when it plays death metal that kills. on the other hand, blues, pop-rockers or jazzmen, flee, this instrument is definitely not for you! 6 / 10 for a glaring lack of versatility, microphones and an original means of its clinical coldness that freezes your blood (no one likes or elsewhere) ...


I have this shovel (guitar, sorry ...) since 8 / 9 years now. I had been used for 500 euros at the time (as what we learn at any age), in very good condition because retyped in specialized stores. She lived well (not bad concert, a fall, a few farts and trimballée everywhere) and especially aged well: I have changed nothing except the bridge pickup, vibrato is worn like a charm and handle n Never worked. A very good point as this. I tried a bunch of guitars, shovel-mal of Lag (from low to very high end, I am a fan you would have understood), the Jackson USA, BC Rich of shit, and Schecter (super scratch, quality money monstrous!), the Ibanez (I hate it like that), PSE / LTD, Fender, Epiphone and Gibson and so on. I bought it because I had one second skyscraper scene not too expensive, and I like the shape and Marty Friedman (in all honor <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt="mrgreen" /> !)... To summarize all this with the Jackson Kelly Std. its range is in no better or worse than another. The worst being reached by BC Rich Warlock-base of a friend (what a shit, eh guitar, not the dude <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="biggrin" /> !), And must by Lag Rockline / Roxanne / Arkane, the LTD and Schecter 400 series in the same price range (in 1995 it was worth $ 750 on U.S. catalog). The price / quality ratio is still not great for $ 750 in 1995 (and 500 € Used in 2002, I found the invoice !!!), we are more in the scam in the good deal! Honestly I do not do it again this election. With a few dollars extra you could otherwise tracking down a better opportunity (Epiphone, Schecter, Lag, LTD ... I omit the Ibanez pickups and shit) ... But hey, it&#39;s done is done! And baritone as it is, I care! 6 / 10, average ... It would have been 8 / 10 if the bill dealt only with the vibrato and holding the guitar in time!