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charcuto 04/25/2008

Jackson Kelly STD : charcuto's user review


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This is a notice about my Standard Kelly made in Japan in 1995.
The body is alder, and from what I can see, at least two parties.
The neck is maple 24 cases, and also composed of two parts: the handle itself, and the head. The key is rosewood, with markers in plastoc; damage, I would have liked a little pearl. Jackson lifts oil bath. They are good.
Two double-coil in Jackson.
The bridge, licensed Floyd Rose is a model specific to Kelly (I know, I have enough shit to replace a bridge ...).
The settings are minimal: a 3-position selector, and a master volume. I was not against a tone knob, but good.

On paper it sounds honest I did not like discovering a body in parts, though. The finish is good, but perfect, especially at the neck, but it did not affect the game


The handle is fine, some might say a little wide, but it is nice and fast. Still, it is still a bit of getting used to. The big problem comes mostly from the heel which makes access to some obvious acute, difficult and downright impossible for the latest boxes.
Body shape (which I still very beautiful) does not play sitting comfortable, unless you play with the strap and bringing the right leg behind the body: in short, we play like we played sitting upright ... Precisely, standing, the body tends to "walk" because of the position of the tie strap. Personally, I play from my belt before the dorsal horn: the Kelly is so super stable.
It takes some getting used to the weight of the beast: with an alder body, it is within 7 kilos if I remember correctly. I often find it difficult to shoulder the first week! Choose a strap with pad.
The floyd is very good. I'm not a fan of vibrato, but I have extensively tested this: keeping agreements is impeccable.
The micro acute delivers a very effective distortion, clear sound deplorable. The neck pickup is itself pretty grim in all areas. Find her could not be easier: there is only really satisfactory position: the switch to the bridge pickup, volume knob and the bottom. This guitar excels in any case only in one directory: the metal distortion.

The Kelly is a guitar atypical discomfort of the first grip skeptical. However, once you have found his feet, playing with is very nice. Still remains the top of the handle virtually unusable.


As mentioned above, Kelly is very good for metal, as it is not a lover of soli very acute. For the rest, my faith ... it's a pretty bad guitar.
I used it on my Marshall Valvestate 8080 and then on my Laney GH100S with a Metal Zone (yuck), a Dod G7 (yeah, it's going), and the distortion amp (waouh!). It produces a very "Graoua" not particularly crystal-clear (I remember a story a balance: the sound engineer: "Hey you could reduce your not serious? Me:" ha, no, I'm already at zero ... "the sound engineer:" I'm rhaa to -10 "). While it lacks some precision, but not runny either. It lacks a little sustain, anyway.

I find it excellent for metal, mostly rhythmic death, for the rest, it is catastrophic.


I had time to play on my Kelly: I have since 1995. At the time, the 3 / 4 of the scratch of my friends also bought a Jackson (ha, death metal ...): PS1, Randy Rhoads, King V, etc ... A question of image, basically. That said, these guitars are cut to the metal, and it, too. That's the problem. As soon as one wants to play something else, bah to buy something else! His big black spot is his total lack of versatility.
Rather, it has aged well: the handle has not moved in spite of frequent changes of tone and pulling, heavy use and a long-shelved. Electronics also has aged very well, only the switch is sometimes a bit of his own.
At the time, I had paid 4,300 francs (€ 650, what), it still pays pretty design and brand. Anyway, I still enjoyed playing with it quite appropriate to my use (scratch in a group of death). The price / quality ratio is still very average: there are now many guitars better equipped, better finished, more playable and versatile for less. That said, its original design makes a unique guitar. Kelly left to buy one, I would recommend other models, however: the KE3 or KE7, for example.

The handle, super thin and very wide highway.
Sound, very Graoua, even though it lacks some precision.
The floyd, which holds the tuning well.
The design! It's late and aggressive.

The -:
The total lack of versatility!
The balance, which forces to place the strap over the upper horn.
The top of the neck, almost inaccessible.
Weight: at first, the shoulder is suffering a bit.